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Christer Sandahl
Christer was born at the country side, 11 km from Skillingaryd in Småland. Thord was born a couple of years later, and the family moved into the Skillingaryd village. Both brothers went to the compulsory school in the village, and early in his life, Christer got interested in science, chemistry and electrical construction.

An exam in electrical engineering was acquired from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. After this, Christer resettled in Småland and run his own Technology Company, combined with teaching.

But like many other engineers, he got caught by the rising computer science. Christer moved to Lund in Skåne to deepen this interest. He has had a couple of jobs at smaller computer companies, and some years as a consultant. Since 14 years he is working at Ericsson and Sony Ericsson in different manager positions.

In Lund Christer met Gunnel and their first vacation together was spent in the Rhone Valley. This was the start for his wine interest, which now have brought him all the way to Hungary. In Lund he is closely connected to the committee of "Munskänkarna", and he is a permanent member of the testing panel for the Systembolaget's ordering range "beställnings-sortimentet". Tasting notes are published in Munskänkarna's journal "Vinjournalen" that is spread in 20 000 copies each month.

Christers Sandahl
Tegelvägen 7
S-227 30 Lund

Mobile +46 (0)733 736008

Thord Sandahl
Thords Sandahl
Fräkenvägen 7
S-331 51 Värnamo

Mobile +46 (0)733 736010

Gunnel Sandahl
Gunnel Sandahl
Tegelvägen 7
S-227 30 Lund

Mobile +46 (0)708 152538

Villa Sandahl Kft.
Római út 203/1
8261 Badacsony

Sandahl International AB
Box 2045
331 02 Värnamo