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Food to Villa Sandahl

Here are presented food and dishes that match very well with Villa Sandahl wines. Enjoy !

Ideal to our
vineyard selection wines

1. Fish soup of fresh pike-perch (hungarian “fogas”) and fresh salmon (hungarian “lazac”) with orange aioli

2. Marinated salmon (swedish “gravad lax”) with mustard sauce (swedish “hovmästarsås”)

3. Garlic fried scampi with rice noodles

4. Well made sushi and other Japanese elegant food

5. White asparagus with crispy bacon cubes and melted butter

6. Fresh high quality seafood, such as lobster (hungarian “homár”) with mayonnaise

Possible to our
vineyard selection wines

1. Cheese soufflé on a bed of Jerusalem artichoke (swedish “jordärtskocka”)

2. Spicy but elegenat Thai food

3. Spinach creamy soup with white wine served with roasted red paprika

4. Fresh butter fried goose or duck liver with caramelized apple slices

5. Fresh seafood (e.g. crab) with aioli

To our
premium wines

1. Salmon pâté with sour cream sauce with herbs and red caviar

2. Red union pannacotta with red caviar on the top

3. Cheese soup with white wine and sliced radishes

4. Fresh Green asparagus with hollandaise sauce

5. Clams stuffed with salmon mousse and a creamy white wine sauce

To our
standard wines

1. Cheese pie with a green salad

2. Chicken leg or breast with a creamy white wine sauce

3. Pike-perch pâté with sour cream sauce and chopped dill

4. Fresh seafood (e.g. shrimps) with lemon mayonnaise

Finding raw material
in Hungary

Sweden has a long sea coastline and many lakes. Thus, fish is much easier to obtain there then in inland Hungary with only one big shallow lake.

Fish to be recommend in Hungary, are fresh or frozen pike-perch (hungarian “fogas”) or fresh salmon (hungarian “lazac”). After testing many other kinds of frozen fish we would not recommend them.

Seafood is not easier to find in Hungary. We have tested frozen scampi and those where acceptable. We have somewere seen frozen clams, but we have never tried them. The frozen scrimps we have found are small and rather tasteless and nothing we strongly can recommend. We use to bring fresh seafood from Sweden, but Hungarian restaurants maybe have contact in Hungary that can deliver good fresh seafood.

Cheese used in the recommended dishes should be tasteful matured hard cheeses.

Villa Sandahl Kft
8261 Badacsony
Római út 203/1

Sandahl International AB
Box 2045
331 02 Värnamo