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MTV 1 report from the vandalized Badacsony vineyard

Anchorman: We haven’t seen such a destruction like this in Badacsony before. At 20cm above ground, the Rhine Riesling vine plants were cut on half hectar. The damage is serious and the local people can’t even guess who are responsible for that.

Bálint (quiet in the background): And we would do the vintage …

Anchorman: The co-worker of the winery is showing the destroyed vineyard. On the slopes of Badacsony there are more than 2000 vine plant over half hectar vinyard. There are only a few exception of vines which were not damaged.

Bálint: All of the plant behind me were cut at 20 cm above the ground, a row only was spared. That means we are not able to do the vintage in this year, the next and may be the year afer that.

Anchorman: The damage is around millions [of Forints], the experts are saying. It’s possible to extinct  the plants because of the barbarian act, may be some or most of the plants can survive. The people of the wine community estimates that the vine were cut high enough to bear fruit again.

Szabó István (presidant of the wine community): Its really hard to guess the extent of damage. First hand there is a damage in the vinyard on the other hand the expected loss from the sale and lack of the wine would be made here.

Anchorman: The winery made a report to the police departmant.

Orsós Károly (Veszprém county police captain): the territorially operative police station have started/opened investigation against unknown people because of  suspicion of criminal vandalism.

Anchorman: The winery think it impossible that it was made by professional winemakers. As they said, wine lovers and wine growing people could not do this.

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