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About the 2004 vintage
Despite this vintages had many challenges during the whole season, Villa Sandahl and our local network was able to produce some good wines.

The 2004 Rhine Riesling  / Pinot Gris is sold out since long.

The 2004 Pinot Gris Late Harvest Barrique is still remaining in a small stock. This wine has aged very beautiful and has many years more ahead.

2004 Rhine Riesling / Pinot Gris

This wine is a blend of 60% of our quite late Rhine Riesling harvest and 40% of our quite late Pinot Gris harvest.

We harvested the Pinot Gris at excellent weather during 27 - 29 September, with an acidity of 6,3 g/l and potential alcohol of 14,8 % which we fermented to 13,6 %.

The Rhine Riesling was harvested just after colder conditions during 18 - 21 October, at an acidity of 7,7 g/l and potential alcohol of 13,8 fermented almost dry.

Altogether, the blend is smooth and fruity, and noticeable sugar content. The blend has a beautiful nose from the lush Pinot Gris and powerful backbones from the Rhine Riesling.

2004 Late Harvest Barrique Pinot Gris

The second half of October was very beautiful, but from the end of October the weather once again changed into cold and rain. We were lucky to harvest the second Pinot Gris right after the ideal heat wave during 3 - 5 November at a sugar level of 275 g/l.

The wine is half sweet and has an excellent concentration build on very ripe grapes. Half of the wine is fermented in steel tanks and the other half is fermented during 6 months in new oak barriques.


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Római út 203/1
8261 Badacsony

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