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About the 2006 vintage
This vintage was the best since 1997 in Badacsony. The summer and autumn was almost problem free, and the grapes could rest late on the vines without loosing acidity or being overloaded with sugar.
2006 Rhine Riesling Golden Line

The gold line quality level is a significant step up from the 2004 quality level. It is a perfect Riesling wine for consumers demanding a very good wine to a very reasonable price. It is marked balaton-melléki because there has been a beneficial win-win blending of several batches before final bottling.

The acidity is 6 gram per litre and the sugar is 8 gram per litre, making this a soft but still dry Riesling wine.

The wine has a typical Rhine Riesling flavour with attractive backbones in the taste. It is keeping exceptionally good with bottle ageing, just like expected from a good Riesling wine.

Villa Sandahl Kft.
Római út 203/1
8261 Badacsony

Sandahl International AB
Box 2045
331 02 Värnamo