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About the 2007 vintage
The summer weather during 2007 was very special. A torrid heat wave during July made the vines were stressed and caused premature ripening. During august everything changed and the long awaited rain came in abundant amounts. Luckily our Zsuzsanna vineyard is very drained and airy, so we didn't suffer from rot.

The normally fast ripening Pinot Gris was accelerating in September and we harvested very early.

The house construction caused that no Riesling vines behind the house could be reached by spraying machines. Also the house was consuming our time and we decided to not make any Riesling this year.

 2007 Pinot Gris Golden Line


The smell is very typical for the grape variety, with flowers and the piquant hint of ”cardboard”.

The taste is round and gentle , with a fine and pure finish, and the wine is fully mature to drink now and some years to come.

This wine can match all kind of well done fish and shellfish. The best temperature for serving it is around 8 oC, i.e. the wine can be taken almost directly from a refrigerator for drinking immediately.

Alcohol: 14.9 %
Sugar: 2.3 g/l
Acidity: 3.5 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.66 g/l
Bottles: 750 ml

Villa Sandahl Kft.
Római út 203/1
8261 Badacsony

Sandahl International AB
Box 2045
331 02 Värnamo