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About the 2008 vintage
The 2008 summer was much more normal then the previous 2007. September was very rainy and it didn't look too promising. The Pinot Gris was ripening very fast, and the continuous rain caused the harvest to be a bit late.

The Riesling was strong in acidity for entirely September but softened up during a splendid October. This variety was harvested in almost ideal condition.

2008 Rhine Riesling Golden Line


2008 was again a substantial step up in quality, both for the Golden and Silver Line Rieslings.

Golden Line is designed more elegant and match all kind of well-cocked fish and shellfish. It bring out the best of such delicacy as lobster, lemon sole and halibut.

The best temperature for serving this wine is around 14 oC, i.e. the wine should rather not be taken from a refrigerator and immediately being drunk.

Colour: Golden yellow.

Smell: This wine has a very typical nose of mineral classic Riesling, with citrus, honey, fine flowers, rhubarb pie, raspberry and an extreme subtle elegancy. In the background there are already some promising nuances of petrol. This wine is greater in smell, livelier and full of spices, and a more complete version compared to the Silver Line below.

Taste: Equally classic stately and rich Riesling, elegent mineral, a bold body with a long and sound after taste (and neither on the cost of elegance). The alcohol is surprisingly completely buried in the high concentration and complexity. The sugar is not detectable and the wine is perceived as dry. The after taste is full, clean and very long.

Judgement: The wine is still very youthful and will mature gracefully during at least 10 years to come.

Alcohol:  14.6 %
Sugar:    4.3 g/l
Acidity:   6.3 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.7 g/l
Bottles:  750 ml

2008 Rhine Riesling Silver Line


Silver Line is the basic quality of Villa Sandahl, but after the dramatic quality rise in 2008, this wine is not far behind the Golden Line.

This wine is designed to be more forward and popular than the Golden Line. Apart from matching well-cocked fish and shellfish, this wine even match chicken and Asian fish food.

The best temperature for serving this wine is around 12 oC, i.e. the wine should rather not be taken from a refrigerator and immediately being drunk

Colour: Golden yellow.

Smell: Fresh, attractive and forward smell with fine flowers, mineral, citrus and some petrol evidences, as expected form maturing Riesling, and is opens up with some attractive sweetness and liquorice.

Taste: Rich and strong, but soft pleasing Riesling with long and powerful after taste. The sugar is just detectable, and will be better integrated as time pass. Taste and after taste is round, fruity and rich to please the crowd of wine loving people.

Judgement: The wine has a lot of power and is still very youthful. It will mature in a smooth and crowd pleasing way during 10 years to come.

Alcohol:  14.4 %
Sugar:    7.3 g/l
Acidity:   6.5 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.6 g/l
Bottles:  750 ml

Villa Sandahl Kft.
Római út 203/1
8261 Badacsony

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Box 2045
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