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The 2012 vintage
Wine characters
In many ways the 2012 vintage reminds of the 2011 vintage. Both vintages were hot, and the 2012 vintage was even hotter and earlier than 2011, but 2012 had not the severe lack of water like in 2011. Observant fans of our 2011 maybe recall, that our wine 'Magic Rain' was harvested a week after a full day of rain that unblocked the stagnant vines, and made their grapes finally ripening beautifully.

The hallmark of the 2012 vintage was the galloping ripening of the grapes. They ripened beautifully, but due to the accelerated pace, the greenness and herbs were not softening and enough developed to fruitiness before the sugar approached alarmingly high levels. And it was not lack of water that was the problem, and consequently no rain magic was needed before the harvest.

Round tannins have now resolved and softened up, typically as happens in red wines. In 'Elephant tap' and in 'Rake & scoop the tanning is already fully resolved,and 'Box fixture it is detectable only if you know of it. The 'Multiplexor' and 'Laundry hanger' are more powerful and can hide more tannins, but have been closed and still need a year or two in bottle.

The situation in 2010, 2011 and 2012 were all different, and create exciting vintage variation in our wines. We are happy to reflect the vintage character in our wines, and hope our customers appreciate this, since such variations come from natural variations of conditions in the vineyards.

Usage of our vineyards
We have for several years renovated our vineyards, like applying new poles and wires for the training system, cut down to adjust for new training system, and engrafting varieties that are not suitable for the hot micro climate.

In the vintage 2012 we started to use grapes from Bishop Backyard for the 2012 'Elephant tap'. However, most of our Rhine Riesling grapes still come from the Genesis vineyard, see dividing the Genesis vineyard below.

As we made 2011, we also have produced an 2012 Olasz Rizling wine from our Earl Ridge vineyard. See the fifth wine below.

Dividing the Genesis vineyard

The soil is very different within the Genesis vineyard. In the left lower corner of the vineyard, the soil is more fertile and convenient for the vines. In the right upper part, the soil is more barren and austere, which make the vines struggle more, which in turn results in much better grapes.

For this reason, we simply decided to divide the vineyard into two vineyards, and treat them separately. Thus we have produced two wines of different quality from the left lower part, and two wines of different quality from the right upper part, see the first four wines below.

2012 Label design

As usual there are new labels to all 2012 wines. This year we desired to show some special wine making tools invented by us. We wrap each tool in a Window frame, like they had been tools supported by a computer application, selectable in a pull down menu. Click below labels to enlarge !
- Elephant tap is a tasting tap applied to a mixing valve on one of our tanks, looking like a cute elephant.
- Rake & scoop are two hand tools used at pressing, when to stir the tray and to get samples from the flowing juice.
- Multiplexor is a one-in and four-out fork pipe, used to direct the pressed juice to appropriate fraction tank
- Laundry hanger is carrying the sign, which describes the content in a tank, in order to avoid mistakes.
- Box fixture is a tool to use, when loading a box with bottles, in order to fix the box size for pallet stacking
(Click on the labels to get high resolution images).

2012 Rhine Riesling 'Elephant tap'

This wine we call 'Elephant tap' and is made from 2nd quality juice from the low part of Genesis, and from 1st quality juice from Bishop Backyard harvested by us for the first time.

The wine is our basic crowd please with its broad personality, and it is as usual made a bit sweeter than the higher qualities.

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Tasting recently after bottling (august 2013):

  • Color: Light to medium yellow.
  • Smell: Open and accessible, broad and rich Riesling character, soft grassy with lemons and citrus, and a lot of minerals. Very agreeable.
  • Taste: Fat and rich without being clumsy, mouth filling, easy accessible, and behaving like a mature wine. Spicy in the long and coating after taste, with a wee bit of sweetness.
  • Judgment: Ideal for accompanying good food. Consume at 10 oC.

Analysis (OBI):
Alcohol: 14 %
Sugar: 5.5 g/l
Acidity: 5 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.6 g/l
Bottle: 750 ml

2012 Rhine Riesling 'Rake & scoop'

This wine, the 'Rake & scoop' is made from 1st quality juice from the low part of Genesis.

This is rather similar but more stylish than the above, aimed for the consumer that pay a little more attention to a wine.

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Tasting recently after bottling (August 2013):

  • Color: Light to medium yellow.
  • Smell: Same Riesling character as Elephant tap but more elegant, fluffy and vivid. Grass, but also flower and liquorice, dynamic and minerally.
  • Taste: More structure than above, style and finesse. The richness and fatness is counterbalanced by smooth acidity. Long and fresh in the aftertaste, without noticeable sweetness from residual sugar.
  • Judgment: To drink by itself or to better food. Will develop a lot in a couple of years. Consume at 13 oC.

Tasting one year after bottling (September 2014):

  • Color: Medium yellow.
  • Smell: Complex, elegant and a bit shy smell of herbs, gooseberry, sweet honey, flowers, citrus and wax. Some terroir minerals shines through, which gives the wine a pleasant authenticity.
  • Taste: Perfectly fitting in the mouth, smooth and elegant, but yet also rich and full. A stylish, elegant wine within a supporting body.
  • Judgement: The roughness has almost gone, and the wine is now opening up beautifully. Available now, but one more year in bottle would not hurt. Will improve for at least half a decade to come. Perfect match to fine and elegant food.

Analysis (OBI):
Alcohol: 14 %
Sugar: 3.5 g/l
Acidity: 5 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.6 g/l
Bottle: 750 ml

2012 Rhine Riesling 'Multiplexor'

This wine is made from 2nd quality juice from the high part of Genesis.

Being 2nd quality, this wine has a broad and impressing character, with some tannins to be integrated within a year or two. For consumers that search for something extra to their culinary habits.

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Tasting recently after bottling (august 2013):

Color: Medium yellow.

  • Smell: Yet again a lot of dramatic Riesling character. Grass hey, nuts, minerals, spices and flowers in a complex mix, broad but not on cost of finesse and elegance. Very exciting.
  • Taste: Extremely mouth filling, very pure and well behaving in the mouth, and no backlash in the long and balanced after taste.
  • Judgment: A wine perfect to accompany elegant food, like scrimp, lobster and pike-perch. Due to its richness, this wine is also highly useful to light elegant meat, such as duck breast and pork fillet. Consume at 15 oC.

Analysis (OBI):
Alcohol: 14 %
Sugar: 3 g/l
Acidity: 6 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.5 g/l
Bottle: 750 ml

2012 Rhine Riesling 'Laundry hanger'

The 'Laundry hanger' wine is made from 1st quality juice from the high part of Genesis.

This is an ultimate wine for passionate wine lovers, and clearly the best wine we have made to date.

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Tasting recently after bottling (august 2013):

  • Color: Medium yellow.
  • Smell: Still a bit shy in the nose, but with remarkable terroir and variety components, such as smoke, wet stones, lime, violets, herbs, liquorice, clementine, wax and honey, in a complex palette.
  • Taste: Terrible young, but already everything in place. A precise structure and yet soft, elegant and subtle. Power and elegance in the same wine (sometimes expressed as a velvet glove on a iron fist). Long and harmonic after taste, leaving the question if you swallowed or not.
  • Judgment: Fantastic already now, but should ideally be cellared a couple of years. (2010 The Stamp is now beginning to blossom but unfortunately sold out). Even excellent food would be a distraction, use it to accompany philosophic reflections. Consume at 17 oC

Analysis (OBI):
Alcohol: 14 %
Sugar: 2 g/l
Acidity: 5,5 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.5 g/l
Bottle: 750 ml

2012 Olasz Rizling 'Box fixture'

The 'Box fixture' wine is made from 1st quality Olasz Rizling juice from Earl Ridge (Grof-domb).

Villa Sandahl mainly cultivate Rhine Riesling, but the Earl Ridge vineyard cover Olasz Rizling. This is a rather unknown variety outside Hungary, but a highly preferable variety by Hungarians, and we sell most of it domestically. Our 2012 Olasz Rizling is a bit more crispy than our 2011 was, and is probably more like to what is expected in Hungary from this grape.

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Tasting recently after bottling (august 2013):

  • Color: Light to medium yellow.
  • Smell: Subtle smell recalling the 'laundry hanger' above, but with less lime and a little more pronounced herbaceous and floweriness.
  • Taste: The taste has smaller foot print than Rhine Riesling, and reminds more of 'Rake & scoop'. On the very elegant side, with a very pure after taste.
  • Judgment: Also to accompany philosophical moments. Consume at 15 oC.

Analysis (OBI):
Alcohol: 14 %
Sugar: 3,5 g/l
Acidity: 5 g/l
Vol.acid: 0.65 g/l
Bottle: 750 ml

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