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Villa Sandahl's has from the vintage 2008 produced two Rhine Riesling wines, one premium wine called Golden Line and one second wine called Silver Line. Both wines have been awarded medals from prestigious wine competitions, one bronze and one commended medal from Decanter and one silver medal from Riesling du Monde, see the picture to the left. Villa Sandahl is among the first Hungarian producers to receive these medals for Rhine Rieslings and certainly the first to get both awards for the same wine.

Villa Sandahl is a family owned wine producer, owned by the two Swedish brothers Thord and Christer Sandahl. The Sandahl family is since long well established entrepreneurs in Sweden, and has major operations in transportation and road construction.

The Hungarian wine production has been operative since 2004 in Badacsony, at the northern shore of lake Balaton in Hungary.

Villa Sandahl's vineyard is called "Zsuzsanna's vineyard". It is 3.4 hectares, planted mostly by Rhine Riesling, has a steep gradient of about 1:5, and is straight south-facing. Villa Sandahl regards their vineyard equal to many famous vineyards in Alsace and Wachau.

This excellent grape material is then vinified in the same manner as a Gran Cru in Alsace, resulting in about 20 000 bottles annually of elegant but full bodied and rich dry wines.

Even if the quality is already very high, the quality work will continue long term in the same spirit.

You were one to be selected, when we looked for merchants and retailers to represent us and our wines, because we understand that you have the right attitude to your producers and customers.

For more information, please visit our Villa Sandahl web site. If you need more facts about our short but thrilling history, we can certainly provide that by email or phone. We also go to London now and then, and should be pleased to visit you for tasting our successful wines. Ultimately we should like to invite you to our unique promotion house in Badacsony, and take you behind the scenes of Villa Sandahl

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