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Latest News

This is a fact site about Villa Sandahl
For more easy-to-read articles about our daily work, see our facebook page.

Report from the 2017 vintage
The 2017 vintage information is now updated on this web site, just click on the vintage 2017 in the left menu. (On the photo below, a sunbeam happened to light up the press tray where the juice splashed down.)

Download Villa Sandahl labels desktop background
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2 Gold 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals received from Decanters Wine Awards 2017
Villa Sandahl has received above medals for 3 Riesling wines from vintage 2013 and 5 Riesling wines from vintage 2015. This result clearly demonstrates that Villa Sandahl is the top (Rhine) Riesling producer in Hungary, and one of the best producers of dry white wine in the world. Details:
Gold (95 points) 2015 Dry Honey
Gold (95 points) 2015 Citrus x Limon
Silver (91 points) 2013 All of a Kind
Silver (90 points) 2013 Count Down
Bronze (89 points)2013 Gold Standard
Bronze (88 points) 2015 Bear Glue
Bronze (88 points) 2015 Bella Sunrise
Bronze (86 points) 2015 Wet Stones
Bronze (86 points) 2015 Tussilago Farfara

Our 2015 wine are now in bottle
We are really proud to present our spectacular 2015 wines. If we have made the best wine so far remains to see, but we have never produced such consistently high quality 10 000 bottle portfolio. Our standard wine "Bella Sunrise" originates from 3rd fraction juice from all vineyards, and the portfolio contains stepwise better wines, ending with the "Dry honey" from the Bishop Garden vineyard 1st fraction juice. The wines will be available from the Plane wine shop in Badacsony, from Katalin Soós in Budapest and Bortársaság shops around in Hungary. For more information click the 2015 vintage to the left. Also see the 2015 harvesting video clips below.
Don't trust Gault Millau
In their judgement of our 2013 "All of a kind" they write "Flowers, ripe fruits and barrel in smell. Biscuit and roasted aromas appears in taste also, but this wine is so fruity with so massive acidity that the coverage of the barrel does not dominate too much" Regarding 2013 "Gold Standard" they write "A mixed smell of fruitiness and barrel, biscuit in the mouth, roasted aromas cover the fruits. It is annoying that the barrel aging dominates in this wine, because in the backstage we find a well balanced wine with ripe fruits and great acidity". (click here to see their original judgement in Hungarian). We have complained their misjudgment because our wines have not been near oak, barrels or any wood at all. We have offered them to retaste but they ignore to do.
Villa Sandahl opens Sandahl Rezidencia
from Friday the 29th of May. On the top floor of the Villa Sandahl promotion house there are four rooms with ten beds, which are now available to rent. Our pension will keep the same high quality level as our wines. For example, the rooms have modern Nordic design, luxury beds with satin sheets, and we offer our quality wines or distinguish beer with toast, in the rooms, in the shared kitchen or on the terrace, and of course you get a joyful breakfast.
On appointment we also invite you to a power-point presentation, winery and vineyard visits and an memorable tasting. Zsolt and Judit are waiting for you. For booking information, see or (

Follow our 2015 harvest struggle on video
We have now harvested 14.6 ton of healthy Riesling, which gives us 7770 liter terrific juice in 7 fractions.
During the 2015 harvest, Villa Sandahl shot below six simple video clips, to illustrate our beloved struggle, in order for you to get some great wines in your glasses. Let us cross our fingers to get this happen.

Two clarifications:
- We and practically all wineries in the world sulfurize to protect the juice. On the wine bottle back label this is stated as "contains sulfites".
- We use cultivated yeast from Alsace, instead of wild yeast from the vineyards. This is equally natural, but give us a predicted fermentation.

So far there are six simple video clips:
This video clip shows the approaching harvest situation
This video clip shows the sampling and measurements of grapes still on the vines in the vineyards.
This video clip shows the preparation for first harvest day
This video clip shows the harvest of grapes from our vineyards
This video clip shows the pressing of the grapes recently harvested
This video clip shows the juice racking, yeast inoculation and measuring on fermenting juice

2013 Gold Standard Riesling the wine of the month in VinCE August issue, they write
- Pale green colour.
- Elegant smell with moderate intense, nicely opening, gently aromatic with flowers and citrus.
- Rich and deep taste, much more expressive than in smell.
- Great balance and harmony. Perfectly integrated, fine and vivid acidity.
- Well made, fine wine
with a clean taste.
Click here to see the article.

Visit Villa Sandahl at Győr wine festival
For wine lovers living in western Hungary, in eastern Austria or Slovak, Villa Sandahl now offer a great opportunity to taste and buy many of our wines from our stand at the Győr wine festival, which will be held from the 27th to the 30th of August 2015 at the Dunakapu tér and Széchenyi tér (squares) in the center of the town. Very welcome to our stand !

Visit Villa Sandahl at Badacsony wine festival
Villa Sandahl invites you to taste and buy our wines on the Badacsony wine festival from Friday the 17th of July to Sunday the 2nd of August. As usual we offer a large range of older wines, and at this festival we also launch our two best 2013 as well as our 2014 wines. Very welcome to our stand in Badacsony, Hungary !

Newsletter number 18 now available
Click here to read (in Swedish only)
Our fifth silver medal from Decanter.
The Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the world’s largest and most influential wine competition. This year 240 judges have tasted 16 000 wines. Our 2013 Riesling 'Gold Standard' was a bit ironically found to be only of silver standard :- ). But we have not yet released our two best wines from 2013, we can still hope for some gold. Interestingly Decanter awarded the 2013 'Gold Standard' and Riesling du Monde awarded the 2013 'All of a Kind' (see below), which shows we have wines for any preference.
Yet another Riesling du Monde Gold Medal
We are immensely glad to win our third gold medal from Riesling du Monde in Strassbourg. This is the most renowned French competition for white wines, and among the most prestigious wine competitions in the world. Among 800 wines, Villa Sandahl were awarded a gold medal for our '2013 All of a Kind'. Only 31 other producers fetched gold medals, such as world famous producers Dopff & Irion, Dopff au Moulin and Lorentz Gustave.

Villa Sandahl in Swedish magazine Allt om Vin

We are very proud for the lovely article about Villa Sandahl in the April edition (no 5, 2015) of the Swedish leading wine magazine "Allt om Vin" (everything about wine). We are quite famous in Hungaria, and now we hope to get recognised also in Sweden. To read (in Swedish) about our struggle, click on "Towards the top of the world".

Badacsony tasting at Budapest Boscolo hotel
Villa Sandahl will again participate in the popular wine exhibition held in the Budapest Boscolo Hotel, formerly called the New York Palace. There will be around 30 of the most reputed wine producers from Badacsony, offering to taste their wines.
The exhibition is held Thursday the 26th of March in the Boscolo Hotel at address Erzsébet krt. 9-11. It begins at 14:00 for professionals, and from 16:00 for everybody. It ends at 20:30. To visit cost 4 900 Forints. Very welcome to visit Villa Sandahl !

Why don't we have a flashy web site
We have several times been asked why a high quality wine producer don't have a high quality web site, and nothing wrong with that question. But so far, Villa Sandahl is a small and not yet profitable wine producer, with many more important things to put money on, than fasionable web consultants. Also our main market segments contains people that possibly are more intersting of what is in the bottle, than looking at showy video clips at internet. Anyway, we have understood your point, and will improve when priority let us do so.
Our 2014 are now successfully fermented
Due to wet weather and problems with cultivators, we only harvested 2.2 tons this year. But these grapes were outstanding and are now fermented, for more details click the 2014 vintage menu item to the right.

Christmas newsletter available for Swedish market
Click this link to open it

Thanks for great interest at Budapest Wine Festival

(Picture taken in one of the few moments we were alone)

Many greetings from the
Badacsony Wine Weeks

Badacsony Wine weeks and Budapest Wine festival
Villa Sandahl will be present at the Badacsony Wine weeks from Friday the 18th of July to Sunday the 3rd of August. For the first time we will take part of the Budapest Wine festival from Wednesday the 10th to Sunday the 14th of September. We will serve you with our best wines from 2008 up to our new bottled 2013. Very welcome to our stand.
Two silver and two bronze medals
from Decanter 2014 competition

As usual we were successful also with our 2012 vintage. Both 'Rake & scoop' and 'Multiplexor' got silver medals, and 'Elephant tap' got a bronze medal. The only disappointment was the 'Landry hanger' bronze medal, but its immaturity was misjudged. We submit it next year for better judgement:-)
Successful VinCE judgement of or 2012 vintage
Recently our 'Laundry hanger' and 'Elephant tap' received four stars from the Hungarian VinCE magazine. Our 'Rake & scoop' received three stars. Additional stars we hope come when our 2012 get mature.
Swedish newsletter released
The 16th Swedish newsletter is now released as pdf file.
Villa Sandahl wine tanks are now fermented and tasted
We are extremely satisfied with our 2013 vintage. Since 2010 we have really excelled, and each year since then we have made better and better wines. There has been two very warm vintages 2011 and 2012, giving softer and lower acidity. 2013 is more like 2010, but better, giving higher acidity and some outstanding botrytis adding richness. We will produce several 1000 of bottles similar to 2010 Recept. We will also release a new top quality wine from the Bishop backyard vineyard.
Villa Sandahl recognized in Hugh Johnsons 2014 pocket

We are enormously glad to be positively recognized by Hugh Jones, which is one of the world's most influential wine critics and book author. This pocket is the first wine book that wine lovers buy, and it sells in 11 million copies worldwide. It is impressing how fast wine news are picked up by this publisher, to be available for this number of wine lovers.

Fermentation started in new winery
The 29th of October we harvested our last grapes, which is one of the latest vintages we have experienced. There was some 10 to 20 % of high class botrytis, which we used in our basic juices to broaden their character. From our best vineyard locations we opted for the rare chance to produce truly classic wines, and this fantastic opportunity we don't want to disturb with botrytis. The acidity for all wines will end up around 7 grams per liter and the alcohol as usual for our rich style will approach 14 %. The character we believe will recall 2010 Recept and 2010 The Stamp, but better.
The 2013 vintage harvest is surely approaching

Today is the 16th of October, and tomorrow we start harvesting Rhine Riesling. The vintage has been cold, apart from 3 weeks heat wave during the wine weeks festival. Consequently the grape sugar is moderate and the acidity is high, creating a 'classic' vintage. By delaying the harvest as much as possible, we let the acidity soften, and the grapes develops some tasty botrytis. For us this vintage reminds about 2010 but much better :- )
Villa Sandahl again being target for insane vandalism
[Press release] 200 vines have been cut off in the Solitude vineyard in the heart of the Badacsony slope. These insane criminals will again face anger from more than 99 % of the Hungarian people. That we have understood from the overwhelming support we got from Hungarian people after the first vandalism.
The great Villa Sandahl success is built on sound entrepreneurship, that doesn't include bribing, blackmailing, threats or anything illegal at all and, consequently, we become impossible to be affected by such means.
This crime is not only a sad abuse to one of the treasure vineyards of Hungary, it also brings other sad implications. At last vandalism, we were contacted by the economy magazine Financial Times. Their journalists are continuously writing articles about projects and trading in different countries and considered if they should recommend avoiding investments in Hungary. On our advice they didn't write this, but it shows how important it is for all of us to fight this kind of destructive criminality.
This is the second time the very same vineyard is vandalized. By now our patience is challenged, since we can not see the connection between us, the criminals and this particular vineyard. The crime is reported to the police, and we hope these losers will be caught and brought into the light.
Launching our 2012 wines
We have now finalized our five different 2012 wines, four Rhine Rieslings and one Olasz Riesling. For details about them see the 2012 submenu. The two 2012 top wines we believe are the best wines we ever have made.
Finally an own Villa Sandahl winery
In order to strengthen our independence and control over our wine production, we have now moved into a house that we rent for long term and have prepared the storage part. We are very happy for this and await an excited 2013 harvest and  wine making.

2013 Badacsony wine weeks (borhetek)
We encounter a significant interest in our wines at the Badacsony wine weeks. Many greetings from our stand.

Villa Sandahl appointed 2nd best winery
in the Balaton area

The serious Hungarian culinary magazine 'Mayor Konyha' (Hungary kitchen) has appointed Villa Sandahl to be the 2nd best vinery in the Balaton area, second only to Légli. We are very glad to be recognized also from the food point of view. Click picture to enlarge diploma.
Newsletter for the Swedish market
Now the spring has arrived to Sweden, and we have almost summer temperatures. To promote sale on this market an email newsletter number 13 (half English and half Swedish) has been sent out. The Decanter and Bormustra medals were shown, and the Swedish wine association Munskänkarna has judged our wines in their member journal.
Villa Sandahl 2013 Decanter medals
Last year we received a Decanter gold medal for the 2010 Rhine Riesling The Stamp. We are happy being awarded another gold medal from Decanter, now for the 2011 Rhine Riesling Magic Rain. Like last year's 2010 Rhine Riesling Recept, we also fetched a silver medal for 2011 Rhine Riesling Cappuccino Oil. As Hungarian producers, we are happy to receive so much international recognition.
Both 2011 Riesling wines among
top-15 at Pannon Bormustra

Pannon Bormustra awarded both our Rhine Rieslings Magic Rain and Cappuccino Oil to be amongst their
top 15 judged dry white wines. To get positioned between such celebrities as Oremus and Demeter is encouraging.
VinCE wine tastings and post box
We are very glad that VinCE, the Decanter counterpart in Hungary, gave Magic Rain 16.6 points, which is four stars out of five, in their Riesling tasting. By this judgment, it was the best Riesling from Hungary. The Olasz Rizling Give Me Five got 16.3 points and also four stars in their new releases tasting. Unfortunately it is sold out by us.
VinCE also have published a nice letter from their post box. Click
the links for articles in Hungarian.
Fermenting the 2012 vintage approaching completion
The 2012 vintage has been a bit hard to ferment and thus has taken almost 5 moths. We ferment at ultra low temperature, starting at 6 oC and never exceeding 14 oC. Click here or on left graph to retrieve an enlarged diagram.
See you at  Boscolo New York Palace in Budapest !
Villa Sandahl will join the wine exhibition at the Boscolo Hotel in Budapest the 20th of March. Many Badacsony producers will be there in person to show and explain their products. Very welcome to our stand. Invitation in Hungarian, click here.
Villa Sandahl wish Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
2012 has been an extremely memorable year, our new 2011 wines made big impact but sadly we also had a vineyard sabotage. Our Christmas card is as usually out of the box, click on the picture for high resolution.
Swedish Newsletter 12 (12-12-12)
A newsletter for the Christmas is now released. The paper Sydsvenskan and the winefinder blog has given Villa Sandahl high scores, click here to read.
Challenging ultra early 2012 harvest
Villa Sandahl has now harvested almost 15 ton Riesling, whereof about 4 ton Olasz. The harvest was difficult, because the accelerated ripening caused the grapes to accumulate sugar much faster then overcoming their green and bitter youthfulness.
The Villa Sandahl cure :
- Risk waiting for optimal ripeness with restrictions of potential alcohol getting too high or acidity getting too low.

- Apply a severe pressing declassification, to eliminate this vintage character of greenness and bitterness

Villa Sandahl wines available in all Bortársaság shops

Villa Sandahl is now introduced and Villa Sandahl wines are available in all Bortársaság wine shops all over Hungary. This is yet a breakthrough for us, and we see a long term relation with this high quality retailer.
Download desktop wallpapers and high resolution photos
Be aware that our labels can be downloaded as Windows desktop wallpapers for most screen resolutions, see Vintage 2010 and Vintage 2011 menus. We also have high resolutions photos and presentations to be downloaded, see Promotion mtrl menu.
Villa Sandahl and Bakó Ambrus being highly praised by

Villa Sandahl is amazed over making such strong impact on the former wine blogger Csaba Jónás, now writing for Gault Millau. He has visited Badacsony and did tast a handful of Bakó Ambrus' own wines and yet another handful of Villa Sandahl's wines. You simply must click here to read his very personal and knowledgeable article on the Hungarian Gault Millau web site. Click here to read an English translation. A comment is that Villa Sandahl has own winemaking methods and management, which can be seen as an upscale of Bakó Ambrus methods, which then perfectly match each other.
Report about the vandalized vineyard by MTV2 mokka

MTV 2 morning program made an extension to their news report which they sent a couple of days ago. Our wine maker assistant Földi Bálint guides in the vineyard, and our Budapest seller dr. Soós Katalin Eszter answer questions in the studio. Click here to see the extended report. Click here to read an English translation.

Thanks a lot, we are overwhelmed by your support

Many, many people from Hungary and abroad have expres-sed their indignation over the senseless crime. Click here to see the MTV 1 Badacsony report. Click here to read an English translation. This makes us really encouraged to cope and recover from the sad situation.

[Press release]
Vandalistic crime to worldclass value national treasure.
Villa Sandahl has been awarded many gold medals from top international wine competitions, and thereby created a lot of good recognition for Badacsony and its world class vineyards.
However, yesterday was a day of sorrow for Badacsony and the whole Hungary. Sadly we have to announce that one 0.6 ha Badacsony premium vineyard, cultivated by Villa Sandahl and owned by local wine producers, has been damaged very severely by pitiful criminals, cutting off all new sprouts from 1500 vines of 30 years age at 20 cm above ground.
The deed is reported to the police for further investigation of the crime.
For us it is simply disgusting how anybody intentionally in this way, is capable of destroying one of the best vineyards in the world ! This is exactly as terrible as if it has happened in Alsace or Wachau, and then it would certainly be broadcasted as shocking world news.
Blue nets in place to protect grapes against birds

Near the lake Balaton huge swarms of starlings are attacking the vineyards to get a luxury meal from world class material. Sadly for the birds, they leave the nets with hunger, but luckily they dare not come close enough to get fasten.
Villa Sandahl presented by the Hungary television MTV1

Villa Sandahl is happy to draw recognition by the Hungarian television. In their summer program from the Balaton lake, we had the opportunity to briefly explain our selves, why Hungary, our visions in Badacsony and to show a couple of our wines. Click here to see the clip (41 MB wmv).
Swedish newsletter for vintage 2011 at Systembolaget
A newsletter in Swedish, click here to get it, announce the availability of the 2011 vintage available on the Swedish market. As said before, it is nowadays very easy to buy from Systembolaget, click here to get their internet site with our wines. They can be ordered over internet and fetched from any of System-bolaget shops a couple of days later.
Welcome to Villa Sandahl in Badacsony
During the Badacsony wine weeks, from the 14th to 29th of July, we will sell our wines from a small chalet in the centre of the village. This is our second year, now with a more complete wine portfolio, containing 9 wines ranging from 2006 to 2011. It will be a pleasure for us to receive you and present our remarkable journey through these years.
Olasz Rizling Day in Buda Castle
To celebrate the most beloved grape variety of Hungary, we will show our 'Give me five' in the first Olasz Rizling Day to be held in Magyar Borok Háza (Buda Castle, Szentháromság tér 6., H-1014 Budapest, Hungary) the 12th June, 2012, at 14:00. Free entry for members of the wine trade.
2011 in bottle
Now we have bottled our 2011 wines:
- Cappuccino Oil
- Give me five
- Magic rain
Release in July :)
Newsletter about the medal rain
To inform all our customers, suppliers and other parties about our medal success during this spring, we have released a newsletter in three languages - English, Hungarian and Swedish. Obtain them by clicking on desired language. In Sweden we have a continuous sale, but in other countries we search for representation.
Decanter gold and silver medals to Villa Sandahl
Sandahl 2010 'the Stamp' is the only dry white Hungarian wine awarded a gold medal. We are extremely proud that Villa Sandahl now reach one vision to be among the top Hungarian wine producers.
Villa Sandahl gets five VinCE stars out of five possible
The VinCE magazine recently held a Bala-ton wine competition at Chateau Visz. Both Sandahl 2010 'the Stamp' and 'Recept' were awarded five stars (similar to 18 - 20 points out of 20 possible.)
Villa Sandahl one of the 15 top white wines at Pannon wine challenge
Pannon Wine Challenge being one of the most serious wine competitions in Hungary, judged 2010 The Stamp from Villa Sandahl as one of the 15 top white wines at their 13th wine completion. We are proud that medals keep raining.

Villa Sandahl awarded in France with 2 gold medals
Now there is no doubt about the unique high quality of Sandahl 2010 wines 'Recept' and 'the Stamp'. We catched two gold medals (the only 2 medals awarded to Hungary) on Les Grands Concours du monde, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. In the winner list we are inter-mixed with world producers such as Gustave Lorentz, Pierre Sparr och Basserman-Jordan. We work very hard to conquer the world and to bring Badacsony back to its former glory.

Newsletter for the Swedish market
A newsletter in Swedish is distributed to all Sandahl wine friends, mainly announcing the wines to be obtainable by private persons from Systembolaget and by restaurants from BonaVite. Click this direct link for web letter or click this link for pdf format.
Villa Sandahl now available at Systembolaget
The Swedish monopoly has made their sale procedures much more consumer friendly. Our wines can further be found and easily bought, click here see our wines on their web.
Wine transportation in Sweden
Wine distribution to System-bolaget and restaurants will be handled by DB Schenker Sverige.
Importer to Sweden
Import and sale of our wines to Systembolaget and to
restaurants will be handled by Sandahl International AB.
Sandahl exhibits in New York Palace (Boscolo Hotel)

This exhibition was very successful for us. Many shops and restaurant people was praising and cheering us when tasting our 2008, 2010 and 2011 wines. Later a lot of private people were also astonished over the high quality of our wines.
Wine professionals visiting Villa Sandahl in Badacsony

From right to left: Müller László, restaurant manager Chateau Visz, Hermán Gyula, sommelier Arcade Bistro, Tuza Eszter, sommelier Arcade Bistro, Lotte Gabrovits, MSC student agriculture wine, Erdei Tünde, sommelier Symbol Budapest, Tribol Zsolt, sommelier Pomo d'Oro Restaurant, Tóth Zoltán, bar manager Sofitel Paris Budapest Restaurant, Michael Gabi, Germany, Hidvéghy Melinda, managing director Chateau Visz, Horváth Máté, sommelier Pomo d'Oro Restaurant, Bakó Ambrus wine maker Villa Sandahl, Soós Katalin Eszter sales representative Villa Sandahl, and sitting: Kállay Péter, sommelier Borssó Restaurant.
Buy our wines at Dionysos Borház
It is a pleasure to announce that yet another Budapest shop now sell our wines. This shop has specialized on distinguished wines from all over the world, not necessary the most expensive, but merely having outstanding price-performance ratio.
Villa Sandahl new vine-yards getting renovated
2.4 ha of Solitude and Bishop Backyard Rhine Riesling vineyards are having their vines cut down and bound to a new modern trellis system for efficient future cultivation
Villa Sandahl promotes at New York Palace in Budapest
Villa Sandahl will present their highly appreciated 2010 wines together with samples from the new 2011 wines (including Olasz Rizling), not being inferior in quality :- ). For the program see the invitation below. Click at it to see the full invitation, or go to
Villa Sandahl participate at Borjour Magnum
Villa Sandahl will be present at the Borjour Magnum exhibition in Budapest the 18th of February between 16:00 -21:30. More than 120 wineries with over 300 wines will be presented. Click on picture to enlarge. Very welcome to us !
New Restaurants and Shops in Budapest offer our wines
We are proud that more and more restaurants and shops are listing our wines on their wine menu.
The new restaurants and shops are :
- Borssó Bistro
- Olimpia Étterem
- Boráruda
- Café Pierrot
- 21 A Magyar Vendéglő
- Pest Buda Vendéglő
- Budapest Marriott Hotel
- Marriott Executive Apartments Millennium Court
- Baldaszti's Grand
- Château Visz
- Kredenc Wine Bar
- Dionysos Borház
- Trattoria Pomo d'Oro
- Jásdi Pince Csopak Borászati

Please also use the Google Map below, to easy navigate to all restaurants and shops offering our wines.

How to obtain Villa Sandahl Wines in Hungary ?
Click on the map below to see on Google maps where to find Villa Sandahl wines in Hungary.

Pampetrics Borkereskedés
Villa Sandahl wines are now on the shelves in the fantastic wine shop Pampetrics Borkereskedés , located close to the center of Keszthely.
The owner Pampetrics György (to the left in picture) is a truly skilled and passionate wine lover, and he especially likes wines to be bottle mature. He sells from a storage of more than 1800 different wines.
Villa Sandahl now available in Gödöllő.
The fine bakery and delicatessen shop Rádi Pékség és Delikátesz , located in Gödöllő, a town 20 minutes east of Budapest, is now selling Villa Sandahl wines.
Genesis Vineyard Rhine Riesling harvest and pressing
The whole 2011 growth season is the driest in records (as was 2010 autumn the wettest). The grape skin is thick with sharp tannins and the grapes don't taste fully ripe due to drought stress. The 7th of October our vineyards get a full day of 'magic rain', followed by 10 sunny days with cold nights, which make the tannins soften up without the grapes being diluted. At the 17th of October we harvested 8 tons of glorious raw material, with enough acidity and sugar.

Regina Papp, and Anikó Kada, co-editor & sales, of web site 'We Love Budapest' and Szaraz Istvan, internet communication, dry, visit Villa Sandahl for a vineyard tour and tasting. Very Pleasant.
Prominent professionals visit Villa Sandahl, from left:
- Varga Dániel Gergely,Baldaszti's ,with fiancée Dóra Békefi
- Peller Ágnes, VinCE Magazine
- Pongrácz Péter, chief sommelier Costes Restaurant
- Soós Katalin, wine broker Budapest, Villa Sandahl
- Bakó Ambrus, wine maker, Villa Sandahl
- Romhányi Mónika, MTV Zrt
- Christer Sandahl, quality manager part owner, Villa Sandahl
- Sipos Tamás, Vinotaurus
We are proud to get such overwhelming recognition for our wine operation, which will encourage us a lot to strive on.
The Villa Sandahl core team at Costes in Budapest

A party for the passionate core team of Villa Sandahl is held in Costes restaurant in Budapest. The peak of the evening is to 'buy back' a 2010 Rhine Riesling 'Recept' for 17 000 Ft and compare with a 2007 Szepsy Furmint Urbán at 25 000 Ft, these two being Costes most expensive white dry wines. The outcome is that one challenge still remains.
Villa Sandahl exhibit at Borjour in Baudapest
In the nice restaurant 'Manna' in Budapest, wine tasting exhibitions called 'borjour' are arranged frequently. The visitors can mingle in a relaxed atmosphere and taste with some food. 2008 Silver Line was voted very good by the visitors.
First Villa Sandahl Olasz Rizling
From the newly acquired vineyard 'Earl Ridge', 4000 kg Olasz Rizling was picked in end of September. This very appreciated grape in Hungary, does resemble some Rhine Riesling character, but the varieties are not closely related. The whole season has been hot an torrid so grapes were picket with a modest level of acidity and good level of sugar. The press juice quality was sensational high.
Villa Sandahl tour and Swedish delicatessen dinner
It was a pleasure for Villa Sandahl to receive bloggers and  media people from Budapest, and the BonVino management from Badacsony, for a wine producing seminar of all possible aspects, followed by a tasting with Swedish delicatessen.
Blogger 'croque monsieur' at Villa Sandahl
The blogger croque monsieur visited us on a wine tasting with dinner, and we talked much about Villa Sandahl being out of the box. Visit the blog 'out of the box' which also contains some pictures from the Káptalantóti market.
Buy Villa Sandahl wines in centre of Budapest
Sas Center Borszaküzlet is a
wine shop in the absolute centre of Budapest, at the Pest side. The shop offer a selection of inspiring high quality wines. The shop also offers tastings and wine tours.
Villa Sandahl wines available at BonVino in Badacsony
The new built hotel BonVino , located
in centre of Badacsony, now offers Villa Sandahl wines. BonVino is a fresh and modern hotel, with comfortable rooms, a splendid spa and gastronomic restaurant.
Villa Sandahl conquers Budapest restaurants
Our strategy is to produce world class quality dry white wine which goes very well with sophisticated food. Consequently, Villa Sandahl is truly happy that our best wines are available at Budapest most fashionable restaurants, such as:
- Kistücsök Restaurant (Balatonszemes)
- Fausto’s Italian Restaurant  
- Borkonyha Étterem  
- Arcade Bistro 
- Búsuló Juhász Restaurant 
- Ristorante Krizia 
- Dobló Wine Bar
- Baldaszti's
Since 2 years we are listed at the famous Gundel Restaurant , and one month ago our wines were listed at the one Michelin star Costes Restaurant , see below.
Villa Sandahl wines available at Costes Restaurant
Costes Restaurant in Budapest was the second restaurant in Eastern Europe to capture a Michelin star in March 2010. We are very glad to announce, that from September 2011 they have our three best wines on their wine menu. The Costes management were thrilled by our high quality, and that fact do certainly place Villa Sandahl among the best wine producers in Hungary.

New Villa Sandahl label design

From the 2010 vintage Villa Sandahl has changed their label graphic design. Every vintage and vineyard will from now on have a unique label. The 2010 labels can be downloaded for desktop backgrounds, see information about 2010 vintage.

Badacsony Wine Weeks
Villa Sandahl was present on the two Badacsony wine weeks in the end of July 2011. We made a substantial impact on locals and official repre-sentatives, and were very successful with selling our high quality wines with good prices.
Villa Sandahl Newsletter number 8
The newsletter number 8 is now broadcasted to all Villa Sandahl fans. The biggest news is that Villa Sandahl wines are now available at a internet web shop for the Swedish market, see below.
Internet sale in Sweden
We are glad to announce that Villa Sandahl wines now are available in Sweden at the internet web shop WineFinder . This is one of the most serious wine shops for the Swedish market, offering almost one thousand of carefully selected wines in all price levels. Already now our 2008 Rhine Rieslings are in stock, and more wines will gradually be offered from our portfolio. Click here to find our wines on WineFinder.

Villa Sandahl vineyards
Names in English and Hungarian are now assigned to all Villa Sandahl vineyards. From 2010 Villa Sandahl will instead of Golden and Silver Line, bottle the 'Golden' wines from each separate vineyard, and 'Silver' wines as vineyard blends.
(Click on below picture to download better resolution or click here to go to Google maps for online maps of Villa Sandahl).

Medals from the Badacsony Hill wine competition
Villa Sandahl is proud to receive 1 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medal for their current portfolio.

- Gold medal:   
2008 Rhine Riesling Silver Line
- Silver medal: 
2008 Rhine Riesling Golden Line
2007 Pinot Gris Golden Line
2010 Rhine Riesling Golden Line
2009 Rhine Riesling Silver Line
- Bronze medal:
2010 Rhine Riesling Silver Line
Decanter medals 2011
Villa Sandahl has again been awarded medals from the presti-gious international wine maga-zine Decanter (click here and fill in 'Sandahl' in the 'Search by Producer' field). The 2008 Rhine Riesling Golden Line now took a bronze, and Silver Line a com-mended medal. Strangely the opposite happened last year, that the Silver Line got the better medal. Anyway, this confirms that Villa Sandahl Golden Line has the better long term capacity for bottle ageing.
A larger suit is currently
being tried out

For continuing to increase the wine quality from even more vineyards then before and to open new markets in the same pace, Villa Sandahl now undertakes extraordinary measures, such as:

- Moving from Cezar to Bazaltbor.
- Advance to more sophisticated wine making.
- Be more exposed on domestic and EU markets.
- Extending internet sale to northern Europe.

...To read more about above statements of intents,
    click on English, Hungarian or Swedish.

This will of course take some time to realize. As you maybe have recognised, we are not longer part of Cezar web shop, but Sandahl International AB is urgently implementing an own internet sale system. We will release a newsletter to inform you as soon as anything is ready for you...

Villa Sandahl acquires premium vineyards in Badacsony

Thord, Christer and Gunnel Sandahl has acquired 5,7 ha of premium vineyards (options up to 6,6 ha) from Huba and Lásló Szeremly. Together with Zsuzsanna vineyard this land makes almost 10 ha, which makes Villa Sandahl to the major holder of Badacsony premium vineyards. Szeremley, Laposa and Sandahl are now in an excellent position of restoring the Badacsony reputation to the heights it truly do deserve.

Newsletter nr 7 now issued
To promote Christmas spirit by one of the best wines from Badacsony and one of the best Rieslings from Hungary, we now advice our wine lovers to fill their cellars in time. The newsletter is also available for your web browser (click here).

We are proud that Múzeum Kávéház és Étterem now offer 2008 Villa Sandahl Rhine Riesling on their wine list. This Budapest restaurant is famous for their traditional quality Hungarian dishes. The managing director Budai Zoltán provided us a memorable evening.

Wine Competition Results
The results from Hungarian official wine competitions are available on a web site called:
Results for Villa Sandahl can be found by a search on Villa Sandahl (click here). As can bee seen, we have earned 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Diploma.

Celebrating the 2010 vintage
To celebrate the successful harvest and all night pressings, we went to Restaurant Gundel at Saturday evening. Chief sommelier Fabók Mihály is always glad to serve a bottle of
Villa Sandahl Rhine Riesling. We tried the Tribute Menu which was quite excellent, be it somewhat extra-vagant and expensive. The gourmet menu is more price worthy.
Our pressing schematic and juice press fractions
This vintage we have extended the pressure schematic duration. Since we only harvest ripe fruit, we can also extract harder without risk to increase bitterness. The longer extraction did fit very well to the botrytis vintage.
The picture show the clear premium juice fraction to the right and the cloudy second juice to the left.
2010 Harvest
Thursday the 14th of Octo-ber 7705 kg Rhine Riesling was harvested. 10 % of the grapes had botrytis like the picture. No grey rot was evident so the entire grapes could be harvested and pressed. The general quality was quite excellent and the botrytis will improve the wine. The Pinot Gris harvest of around 4000 kg was sold.

Wettest and coldest autumn within memory

In 2010, the August and September months was the wet-test since long. During these 2 months, it was falling 307 mm, which normally equals half a year of rain in this area.

Decanter October 2010 issue, page 190 (Silver Medal)
 Ł  = under 10 Ł,  C  = Ł 7 - Ł 9,99

When changing winery to Bazaltbor, there is a natural opportunity to
also implement new plans and possible improvements. Villa
Sandahl has consequently visited their  indispensable oenology consultant Fabien Stirn (with his wife at left photo), in order to  thoroughly discuss and prioritize what is appropriate to realize for
the approaching vintage 2010.
In summer 2010, Villa Sandahl signed a long term cooperation with Bazaltbor Kft. Together we will develop our winemaking skill, trying to take back Badacsony to the world-class wine it once was. In the picture to the right, we hand over our extensive manual to the director Laposa Bence.
The Bazaltbor winery is a new top modern plant, located a stone’s throw from Villa Sandahl. It is one of best wineries
in Hungary, with competent staff
on the same high level.
Business with key economy details, and all operations for strategy, cultivation and winemaking is now documented by Villa Sandahl in a 90 page manual. This
is primarily for ensuring that there is a common understanding of quality and operation within the Villa Sandahl team. It give us a competitive edge, and thus it is strictly confidential. Sorry, no sharing.
Villa Sandahls has released their 6th newsletter mainly to announce two medals awarded from Decanter. The newsletter is a Swedish version for domestic market, and two international versions for friend network and retailers. Feel free to download and spread them.
Two medals from Decanter World Wine Awards consolidate the international breakthrough for Villa Sandahl. 2008 Rhine Riesling Silver Medal was awarded bronze and the Golden Line a Commended medal.
The binding system in Zsuzsanna vineyard is  modernized from being the typical Hungarian tradition (2 meter vine trunk with 1 meter horizontal arm) to a more widely used cordon "umbrella" system allowing machine green work. The acacia poles are replaced by pressure-creosoted poles approved for agricultural usage.
Villa Sandahl has released their 5th newsletter to announce the Riesling du Monde silver medal. It is a Swedish version to support the domestic market and an international version for abroad friends. Please feel free to download
and to spread it to your friends.

It is a breakthrough for Villa Sandahl to rub shoulders with this exclusive group of medal winners, see the medal list. The Riesling du Monde price is probably the world's most re-putable for a Riesling producer like Villa Sandahl The silver medal was assigned to the 2008 Rhine Riesling Silver Line, because it is more forward at the moment than the Golden Line.

If you are travelling along E4 in southern Sweden, in the Värnamo area you can find Toftaholm Herrgĺrd some 7 km from the road. The 2008 Rhine Riesling Golden Line is chosen their wine of the month of March 2010.

We are immensely proud to have get our 2008 Rhine Riesling Golden Line into the
wine list of the Gundel Restaurant. Gundel
is the most prestigious restaurant in Budapest, (have the highest Michelin mark in Hungary, four red crossed forks & spoons, and is comparable to Operakällaren in Stockholm). Their knowledgeable head sommelier Fabók Mihály judge it to be
a "great Riesling" and offers it at 8900 Forint (€ 33) per bottle. Consequently we hope our wine can raise the
Gundel excellent dishes to new levels.
The 10th of September the Pinot Gris was harvested. Without any warning a thunderstorm broke out, and some panic occurred. The box stock was quickly covered and some wet boxes were replaced with dry, resulting in no damage.
The Rhine Riesling was harvested the 15th of October without any big problems.
As time pass, Villa Sandahl gets more and more convinced that Rhine Riesling is the grape to concentrate on. Riesling ripens perfect in Zsuzsanna vineyard every year just before it go to rest in the late autumn. Zeus gives an bigger abundance of sweet grapes, but has less character. i.e. quite the opposite to Riesling. By engraft the Zeus the 25 year Zeus root is saved and harvest can be done from "old vines" within a couple of years.
The Badacsony wine region has during June tasted wines from the whole Badacsony region. Villa Sandahl was
awarded yet another silver medal for the 2008 Rhine
Riesling Golden Line, see "Borok rangsora - 2009.06.26" protocol. This time competition was harder and Villa
Sandahl got 81.6 points.
Villa Sandahl has released the new 2008 Riesling wines, as well as a 2007 Pinot Gris, see Nyhetsblad 3 (in Swedish). Remarkably, the quality of the 2008 wines has increased to yet another level. In Sweden, the wines are available at the Cezar Web shop.
The "Badacsony Hill Committee" has during May 2009 tasted  118 wines from growers of the hill of Badacsony (not the larger Badacsony region). Villa Sandahl was awarded a silver medal for the 2008 Rhine Riesling Golden Line, see "Borok Rangsora - Badcasony 2009.05.04" protocol. We got 86.2 points and are of course proud of this, but it is a bit annoying that the gold medal limit was 87 point.

Our 2008 Rieslings are fermented and enthusiastically judged by our French oenolog Fabien Stirn. He writes "The Rieslings are really a class higher as what you ever produced, I think you get the right way of process and probably also a good vintage! The Golden Line is upper class by the finesse and the citrus side that is really promising a great and long aging Riesling. The Silver Line is more in body and in power but lesser finesse, the aging will probably be shorter."

It is a real pleasure for us to offer our Villa Sandahl wines to the total Swedish market by being represented at the Cezar Winery web shop. Do order and pay the wines and you will get them directly to your home address by the Swedish Posten. Enjoy your shopping expedition.

To introduce the 2006 Riesling wines for the 2008 Christmas sale, Villa Sandahl has now prepared a 2nd newsletter. It is now 3 years ago since the 1st newsletter was announcing the 2004 vintage. The striking news is the web shop and the dramatically increased quality.

Eight tons Pinot Gris was harvested the 23rd of September and twelve tons Riesling was brought in the 10th of October. This was quite early but the grapes was splendidly ripe. The pressing was equally successful and 15000 litre are fermenting

During summer 2008 the Villa Sandahl were completed by furniture and decoration. The mantra was Swedish design of unique quality and high originality (same as for the SANDAHL wines :-)
In spring 2008 the road and surroundings to the house is finished. Used basalt stones is found to be the solid base for the 20 % ascend. Vines are replanted close to all our basalt work, to bring an interesting antagonism  between these elements.
Villa Sandahls new 2006 Golden Line Riesling were in May 2008 judged by the "wine school" Grain Nobles in Paris. The judgement were very positive by the group that liked the residual amount of sugar of 7 grams per litre. They compare our wine with "
les grands Riesling de Moselle ou du sud de l’Alsace (Grand Cru Eichberg)".
Villa Sandahl were represented in the  Prowein exhibition in Düsseldorf the 16 - 18th of March. The new and much improved 2006 Riesling vintage were proudly presented.
A new logotype and graphical design is introduced in March. The change is driven by the significant quality improvement evident in the 2006 wines. The new logotype is designed to still keep and attract the old consumers, but also to invite a new group of more experienced consumers. To separate two qualities, the new premium quality is labelled "golden line", and the old basic quality is the "silver line"
Villa Sandahl Kft has so far been privately owned by Thord and Christer Sandahl. To ensure a finically strong owner and to establish a supporting international market organization,
a company called Sandahl International AB is formed, and is now the owner of Villa Sandahl. Sandahl International AB is also owned solely by Thord and Christer Sandahl, implying
no change in strategic direction and operation for Villa Sandahl.
Gunnel Sandahl celebrate her 50 year birthday event
the day after the Villa Sandahl inauguration.
Villa Sandahl almost finished at the inauguration 2007-08-03
An inauguration ceremony is held the 3rd of august for the Villa Sandahl promotion house (get the power point presentation in English). Both Swedish and Hungarian
friends are invited and take a close look at the house.
Thanks to the warm winter, the construction of the Villa Sandahl promotion house is on schedule. In end of January the entry floor is covered with a concrete vault, and construction of the loft floor will begin. An opening ceremony is planned (cross the fingers) to be held on Friday the 3rd of August 2007. The south facing wall can be seen on the picture.
In December 2006 the construction of Villa Sandahl in Zsuzsanna vineyard is in full swing. On the picture, the wine cellar (indoors) entry can be seen. The house is planned to be finished and finally inspected at end of July 2007.
The 2006 Rhine Riesling harvest is finished at the 19th and 20th of October. The weather has been great during September and October. Grapes in perfect condition are picked and transported to the Cezar winery for pressing and fermentation.
The 2006 harvest is vinified at the Cezar Winery just south of Nagyrada in the Kis-Balaton area, 52 km from Badacsony. The plant is brand new with all necessary equipment for high quality wine production. The wine maker is Luis Santelices from Chile.
At the 11 of September the building company is selected to build the promotion house. After a long selection, the choice fell on the company SZ-L Bau Kft from Tapolca.
During summer 2006 all permissions are complete for building the promotion house in the Zsuzsanna vineyard. The vines are cut away for the house and electricity cables, water and drain pipes are in place.
Villa Sandahl Kft has selected Fabien Stirn from Sigolsheim in Alsace as advisory wine consultant. Fabien cultivate several hectares of grand cru vineyards an is
known to produce wines of true quality.

At the Scandinavian Wine Fair, Villa Sandahl is recognised by the Swedish most well-known business newspaper "Dagens Industri", see article to the right. It tells about the search for good grape material, which was found it in Badacsony in Hungary.

Villa Sandahl is represented on the 3rd Scandinavian Wine Fair held in Paris the
11th of February 2006. This fair gathers wine connected people from all Scandinavia. Villa Sandahl creates a lot of attention on the exhibition, and has one of the most visited stands.
At the Scandinavian Wine Fair also arranged the BKWine Scandinavian Wine and Spirit Competition. Villa Sandahl is honoured by a silver medal for their dry Pinot Gris / Rhine Riesling. The quality ambitions are recognised and Villa Sandahl will surely continue to strive for still higher quality.
Villa Sandahl is very glad to announce that our wines are available in Denmark from December 2005 by Bergman Vin-Import. Bergman is recognised for a careful selected portfolio with very competitive prices. Visit their web site for prices and selling conditions. Select "Ungarn" for Villa Sandahl offerings.
The first newsletter from Villa Sandahl (only in Swedish) is prepared and distributed for the Christmas 2005 sale. Click here to download it in one of two versions, web quality (52kB) or print quality (94kB).
Villa Sandahl is available at Systembolaget from October 2005.
In end of December 2008 the wines was moved to the Cezar Winery web shop.
Sandahl Consulting AB have the 10th of August 2005 received a permit for importing and storing wine in Sweden. During September the 2004 vintage Villa Sandal wines will be imported to Sweden.
At the 28th of July 2005, Villa Sandahl finally receive the eagerly awaited building permit for a promotion house in the Zsuzsanna Vineyard. The architect Robert Epres have made a terrific job. The planning is going on and the building will be started as soon as possible.
In June 2005 Villa Sandahl receive honour from the Badacsonyi Borvidék Hegyközségi Tanácsa ("Badacsony Wine Region Council of Hill Township"), one gold medal for the half sweet 2004 Pinot Gris Late Harvest Barrique wine and one bronze medal for the dry 2004 Pinot Gris Rhine Riesling wine.

Villa Sandahl is represented at the Wine & Spirit Fair at Excel in London in the Hungarian "Agricultural Marketing Centre" at stand D70. We pour our first vintage wines (see Vintage 2004) while telling our short but non the less enthralling story.

From start of March 2005 Villa Sandahl welcomes Mr Toth Tibor as tractor driver and vineyard cultivator.

A new Carraro TRX 9400 AC tractor is acquired at the 10th
of August 2004. It is a special type having a low centre of gravity and wide balloon tyres suited for steep vineyards. To shelter from sun and spray, it has an air conditioned cabin.

Villa Sandahl Kft is registered as an Hungarian company owned by Thord and Christer Sandahl at the 3rd of August 2004.
- Company registration number 19-09-507746.
- Tax registration 13325121-2-19, EU code
The 4th of June 2004 a joint venture is started with Zsuzsanna Pettenkoffer. Included in this cooperation is to cultivate the vineyard located at the Badacsony Hill and from these grapes produce wines that will be labelled Villa Sandahl.





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