(rhine) riesling, rare peak grade, badacsony, hungary.


The theme for 2017 was magic. It is the third year in a row we produce very high quality and the feeling begun to get magic. This wine is the 2nd best of the four we made from this vintage. The crystal ball is radiating light and smoke, but has a content of a cut grape, and is held by the hands of a fortune-teller.


When harvest time did approach, Villa Sandahl staff had not realized how much sugar the grapes had collected, and the first measurement signaled panic to harvest. The grapes to this wine were harvested as specified below, and depending on complementing characters the wine fractions were assembled as also marked below.

  2017-10-04 Harvesting Bishop Backyard and Solitude
  2017-10-05 1st fraction Pressing above Bishop Backyard and Solitude.
  2017-10-05   Harvesting Genesis low grafts
  2017-10-06 1st fraction Pressing remaining Bishop backyard and Genesis grafts
  2017-10-07   Harvesting Genesis high and Genesis high grafts
  2017-10-08 2nd fraction Pressing above Genesis high and Genesis high grafts

Some of the grapes had gray rot, but we applied a strict selection at harvest.


The analysis is made from the Németh Zsuzsanna laboratory in Badacsonytomaj.

  Alcohol 15.5 %
  Sugar 7.7 gram/liter
  Total acidity 6.4 gram/liter
  Volatile acidity 0.43 gram/liter
  Bottle Green glass 750 ml
  Cork Natural


By Christer Sandahl

  Date 2019-01-04
  Color Pale yellow
  Smell Some silky character, but somewhat closed and shy
  Taste Despite the alcohol level, it is very balanced
  Judgment Half year after bottling in January 2019, the wine is still a bit closed and shy, like our better quality wines used to be. Very well-made wine, will improve with 1 or 2 years in bottle

By Christer Sandahl

  Date 2019-07-20
  Color Rather pale yellow
  Smell Compact Riesling smell, elegant, pure and crispy, but shy.
  Taste Overwhelmingly warm, attractive rich and balanced. Behaves exemplary in the mouth. Authoritative in the long after-taste.
  Judgment Still a bit closed and shy. All components are in place for a great future and the alcohol will not bother the balance. Just wait a couple of years.

By Christer Sandahl

  Date 2020-07-13, in summer
  Color Light to medium yellow
  Smell Still compact Riesling smell, opening up beautifully, elegant, pure and crispy, wow feeling in the nose.
  Taste Attractively warm, rich and balanced. Behaves exemplary in the mouth. Pure, clean and long in the after-taste.
  Judgment Begin to mature. Optimal in every aspect, fruit, acidity, sugar and balance. Drink now or 10 years ahead. 96 points out of 100.

By Christer Sandahl

  Date 2021-04-14, ahead of spring season.
  Color Fine medium yellow
  Smell Clearly detectable petrol, may be controversial to purists. Compact, cheeky wine.
  Taste Really fleshy in the taste, muscular and unashamed, still long in the after-taste.
  Judgment Matureness obtained surprisingly quickly. Has gone from refined elegance to muscular power. For drama loving people. For Riesling purists this wine may merit "only" 92 points, but for liberal wine lovers it will reach at least 95 points.



Crystal cut is of solid rare peak grade, but this is not indicated by the cork capsule.

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