2020 SANDAHL 'Freyas amulet -Brisingamén-'
(rhine) riesling, mid range grade, late harvest, badacsony, hungary.


For our three 2020 wines, we chose three of the most well-known gods and goddesses from the Old Norse era - Thor, Odin and Freya. Each of them we found out has a personal artifact, Thor has his hammer, Freya has her amulet, and Odin has his horse.

Freya is the goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, and sex (symbolized on the label with daisy flowers and bees), but she is also a brutal warrior. She is the owner of the necklace amulet Brísingamén (brisinga = fire and mén = jewelry), which pictures a pregnant woman. She cries tears of red gold for her husband, who often disappear. The Friday weekday name come from another Norse goddess Frigg, the wife of Odin.


Apart from trying late harvesting during recurrent rain falls, the 2020 season was very good and uncomplicated. The spring was humid and kick-started the growing season. The summer was warm but not overly hot, with regular rain, and thus beneficial for the vines. August and September was mainly dry, and didn't induce any noticeable rot.


Depending on the vintage, different vineyards, different harvests and different fractions can vary in quality. For the Mid range grade, consequently we don't use the highest quality, and neither the lowest as well. The exact mix is assembled by intense tasting during spring the year after the harvest.

Harvest date
Juice from fraction and vineyard
  2020-09-30 1st fraction juice from Genesis low
  2020-10-09 1st fraction juice from Bishop Backyard East and Genesis Grafts East
  2nd fraction juice from Bishop Backyard East and Genesis Grafts East
  2nd fraction of juice mixed before fermentation from harvest
  2020-10-21 Genesis High + Genesis Grafts West and
  2020-10-22 Bishop Backyard West + Solitude


Values by the OBI institute. TBD.

  Alcohol 13.7 % by volume
  Sugar 6.6 gram / liter
  Total acidity 5.2 gram / liter
  Volatile acidity 0.40 gram / liter
  pH 3.22
  Bottle 750 milliliter
  Cork Nature cork


By Christer Sandahl. TBD.


Mid range
cork capsule

white text

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