2019 SANDAHL 'Brave Birds'
(rhine) riesling, ultra late harvest, rare peak plain grade, badacsony, hungary.


Hungry starlings longing for grapes always swarm above our vineyards in the autumn, to get full before moving to Africa. This vintage was extremely sunny and rain-free, so the birds refused to leave as long as we had unpicked grapes. The label theme then was decided to be "birds".

The two birds in this label, make what they can to scare back.


This is the third vintage in a row, that has been extremely beneficial for us. Again, it was the extreme suitable weather for vine growing, that was the root cause. Also we get better to fight rot, which lowered the risk when aiming for late harvest.

The weather was characterized by:

  • A very wet and cold spring
  • An moderate warm summer with dry weather but adequate rain
  • A fantastic autumn with only a couple of rainfalls from middle of September to start of November


  2019-10-23 Use of 2nd fraction from Bishop backyard east and west plus Solitude (tank nr 9) Mixed before fermentation
  2019-10-24 Use of 2nd fraction from genesis high plus grafts from Genesis east and west (tank nr 5)
  2019-10-25 Use of 1st fraction from harvest of Genesis low plus left intact good botrytis from Genesis (tank nr 6) Separate fermented

All grapes was excellent healthy with some grapes having excellent botrytis.


Values by the OBI institute.

  Alcohol 14.9 % vol
  Sugar 6.9 / l
  Total acidity 5.6 g / l
  Volatile acidity 0.46 g / l
  pH 3.16
  Bottle 750 ml
  Cork Nature


By Christer Sandahl.

  Date 2020-07-11, after assemblage
  Color Medium yellow, well colored to be such young
  Smell Typical young Sandahl wine, mango, grapefruit peel, only minor pears, smoke, flint stone, elderflower, a bit fiery
  Taste Powerful taste, a fruit bomb, not at all bitter, plums in the after taste.
  Judgment Clean and well-made Riesling, already available to drink.

By Christer Sandahl.

  Date 2021-04-14, ahead of spring season.
  Color Medium yellow
  Smell Compared to 2019 Birdie Num Num, more compact and less pure, otherwise rather similar.
  Taste Very soft, well-made straight and balanced wine.
  Judgment Has closed up, and now in need of some bottle age. At 94 points now, and will climb to 96 points in some years.

Rare peak
cork capsule

gold text

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